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The captain's view
Clarkey's view of the Firsts' 2002 season

Damian Clarke

Even though we finished bottom, I'm not to down about the season gone. We only won 4 games but quite easily should have won 8 or 9, one of the main reasons was dropped catches and our fielding let us down at times, however there are a lot of pluses to the season, our batting improved a lot, we didn't give our wickets away, we built partnerships and we didn't panic. Our bowling let us down at times, not bowling the right line to set a field but that did improve as the season went on.

Mohsin Ahmed
Moh in action at Rawtenstall
Courtesy Cricket Images

We have a very young team and it is vital that the core of the team stick together, Mohsin got 500 runs and will only get better, Jimmy bowled a lot better as the season went on and as long as he listens and gets fitter he will improve into a top league bowler, Graeme came in late and showed lots of promise and will play a lot of 1st XL games next year, also Crabby didn't let himself down at all in his first game.

Steve playing another season will be a massive factor in how we do next year, if the others bowlers bowl better, he wont have to bowl as many overs.

I'm hoping Stefan will play more next season because he is a top fielder and batted very well in the games he played, also Danny Greenwood will be playing double headers next season and wants to push for a 1st team place. If we could attract 1 or 2 good amateurs that will also help.

Cheesy is a very important member of the team and improves every season, there is no better fielder in the league.

Taz showed what he is capable of in the Burnley game, but needs more consistency and give more of these performances, which I'm sure he will do.

Matty Wilson had a good season, scoring just under 300 and saving many more in the field and his knock against Lowerhouse at home was one of the best I've seen.

Cockney always gives 100% and will bat anywhere for the good of the team from opening to number 6.

Barney also did a good job behind the stumps and the more work he puts in he will improve a lot. Waheed always gave 100 percent and never let anybody down and is a useful batter to have in the middle order.

Hopefully we will get Andre back next season, he is going to work hard on his bowling with his coach, and if we can get 30 + wickets from him it would make a big difference, he fitted in very well in the team and helped players more than I think they realized. He also helped me in the field a lot and was always interested in batting line ups and bowling changes.

On a personal note I didn't bowl as well as I should have done, I'm pretty sure I know were I was going wrong and will work hard to put it right, I'll also try to stop dropping catches !!

Some things will change next season, we will play more friendlies before the start of the league, there will be a different dress code before and after games and we will work harder on our fielding on practice nights.

We can only work harder together and the main thing is to stick together otherwise we will continue to be at the bottom.

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