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Peter and Iris in New Zealand 2008/9 Part 2

Visiting Paul and his family who emigrated in 2003

We have been on a trip in the car, down south of the Island which lasted 9 days and in which traveled 1966km. seeing some of what we think is the most beautiful country side in the World, some of the scenery is stunning we visited Hokitika on the west coast which has a strong Maori back ground which it has retained in a moderate fashion, and the well known jewelry Jade is manufactured. Moving on from there we traveled down to Christchurch through the Arthur's Pass which is a fantastic piece of engineering cutting a road through the mountain range travelling up the mountain to a height of 3000 ft with the road supported to span deep gullies in one area, and there are viewing areas were can you stop to survey the scenery, this is one not to be missed. At one spot a Kea which is a bird of pray, joined us for a photo call.                                                                        

We eventually made our way down to Christchurch were we had booked a reservation in the City Centre a nice executive apartment, the next two days spent looking around the various shops and attractions one being a practice of the Cathedral the choir, and some healthy eating in "The Bog" an Irish Pub good food and drink.

          On Sunday 1st March we travelled on to Dunedin it was a long drive of 482km again we had booked a two day stop over, this was a more moderate Motel but still had SkyTV and Internet wireless connection, which meant I could keep in touch with what was news etc. Dunedin to us was completely different then what was expected, the city centre was nice but comprised of two really long streets which were one way systems, plenty to see on foot, but difficult to park the car.

                On Monday we had booked two adventures one two see the Penguins on a reservation it was one hours drive from our Motel,$70 for the guided tour the scenery was lovely along the coast line onto the Otago Peninsula. When we arrived we where given a talk, and shown a penguin hospital, four sick 18" high animals, and believe me that was about the extent of seeing any penguins, we were exhausted after an hour of the searching up and down a cliff side.

   We did have more success with the Albatross which had a beautiful centre and the saw several of these 4ft wing span Birds in flight, on the return we came back the scenic route with the complete views of all the surrounding bays. Tuesday we were back on our way to Christchurch with an over night stay just north of the city centre. The day after on to Kaikoura and what a beautiful day that was, and you can see from the attached picture the difference between, Jimmy Hayhurst on the 4th March down at Thorneyholme Road, and us sat outside our Motel at the beech in Kaikoura NZ yes we have been very lucky, but will soon be back UK and hoping that we can bring back some of this sunshine with us. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


                             All the best to all at A.C.C. from  Peter and Iris



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