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Peter and Iris in New Zealand 2008/9 Prt 1

Visiting Paul and his family who emigrated in 2003

Left out of UK Sat 17th Jan in the freezing cold, and arrived 28 hours later in a lovely 26 C in Nelson NZ  Monday pm 19th. to a warm welcome from Paul and all the family. Although we were on the tired side for a few days, we recovered well and are enjoying every minute of our stay.

It's mid summer here and the weather has been super with plenty of warm sunshine, so far we have not travelled to much but we did have a couple of days in Hokitika on the west coast near Greymouth.  We intend to go down country to Christchurch and Dunedin later next week after we have watched a bit more local cricket around here. The College teams are good to see, they play a good standard, and we have already seen several games. Grandson Joe who is 12 years old is following in Fathers footsteps, enjoys batting and bowling, with the his years school team, all the kids are heavily involved in sport, as most of the children over here are, Aimee football and touch rugby, Holly plays basket, and volley ball, they all keep Mum and Dad very busy running them here there and everywhere, they are very happy over here and enjoy the life style which the Country gives them, good luck to them.

I have managed to keep in touch with the club through Stephen Davies and Jimmy Hayhurst they are both doing a fine job for the Club well done, sorry to hear that Toby has gone to Rawtenstall he will be missed, I hear that Bumble was a great success again our thanks to him once more and the Ladies who arranged it all. 

It is surprising but we have seen several peoplefrom UK already over here one lady we know stopped us in Nelson and said what are you doing over here and we replied same as you getting away from the cold.

                                 That's about it for now, will write later.
                             All the best to all at A.C.C. from  Peter and Iris

Peter and Iris in NZ Part 2



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