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I’m still working with Virgin Mobile as National Account Managerin Sydney.  Thing’s are very busy at the moment but it’s all good.  Over the next couple of months I will receive my permanent residency which will mean I can stay here for the foreseeable future! 

I really enjoy it over here but also like to keep up to date with the Accy scores and results.  The website is great!  It’s become a real addiction logging in on a Sunday and Monday morning to see the results.

It’s great to see Accy back on top as it’s been far too long.  It’s also good to see that the turn around has been largely driven by Accy lads who have come back to the club.  They have added stability which has really shown what great young amateur talent we have and had even through the dark days!  To see the young lads like Crabby, Sneds and Simon Hanson pulling out performances when needed is a real credit to the whole team spirit which seems to have been ever present this season!

All the best for the rest of the season and I’ll have a celebratory pint at the club when I return to Accy at Xmas.

Richard Burrows

Well we are almost there, two days and the Worsley Cup Game will be all over,  and here's hoping that we will be celebrating a wonderful game, and be holding the Cup high.
        In between now and then there a little matter of a very important League game with Bacup at Thorneyholme Rd, and keep the pressure up at the top of the table.
 How wonderful it willl be if we have a double this weekend, best wishes to  David our skipper and all the team they are absolutely brilliant.
         In fact I speak for the whole Club are delighted with how the team has gone this season and will be giving you the best support both days, we know the lads will be giving their very best as they do most of the time, be on your game and enjoy it play hard and fair, its been a long time coming and we are now getting there.
         So good luck to you all, and all the very best, we are pleased of what you have already achieved to date, and no one will be more proud of you all than me.
Peter J Barratt


G'day to all at ACC from the Barratt's in NZ

Just a few words to say good luck to all the players, officials and supporters associated with ACC.

It's been fantastic to see all the hard work all concerned have put into the club finally paying off, at last bringing some glory days back to ACC.

Good luck to Dave and the lads, enjoy the experience and savor every moment what ever happens because you never know when your next chance comes along, I'm sure if you show the same passion and pride you have displayed all season things will turn out for the best and you will get your just rewards.

Wish I could be there to cheer you on but unfortunately not possible at the moment, however rest assured I'll be thinking of you all and getting up and checking out the result will be the first thing I do Monday AM our time here in NZ.  Have a couple of beers for me too, the stuff here is a bit gassy and probably not the best thing to be doing Monday AM before work!

Best of luck


Just a quick note to congratulate you on reaching the final. Since my mate GD Lloyd returned (stood next to me at first slip for last 5 years) I have been watching your results weekly and it looks like you are building a tidy lead in the league.Please reserve a car parking space at Todmorden as the North Wales branch of Acc Supporters club are coming over to cheer you on.
Graeme Jones

Congratulations to Dibber on a fantastic achievement. Reward not just for sustained and consistent match bowling but also dedication to practice and all the out-of-season fitness work that no-one sees.
Brian Heywood

Congratulations to Bumble on his ton, it's great to see all the lads doing so well and I'm delighted for all at the club in the turn around in recent fortunes.

I could not help but notice that other class batsmen in the picture i.e. Damien Clarke. I presume he was batting with Graham when he reached the 100 landmark ?

If he was it's a strange coincidence as DC was batting with me at Rawtenstall in 1995 when I crept past the 100, I remember it clearly because he kept nicking the strike when I was in the nineties and we were rapidly running out of overs !;  I don't  suppose he was batting with Russell Edmond's too ??


Paul Barratt

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