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Reaction to Accrington's first cup semi final win since 1989

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Firstly well done to the won the game and there's nothing much more to be said about that!!  A big well done also has to go to "David Ormerod's Barmy Army"........or the "Drunken Louts from Accy" as they have been christened in certain circles!!  Your enthusiasm and noise was most definitely a sight to behold and your continued chanting managed to do one thing that I always hope helped the 'Prince of Mince' lose his voice, which I very much appreciate!!!

Thank yous go out to the fans and the lads that spent big and celebrated in the clubhouse well into Monday morning........especially those that had to work on Monday and those that had been on it all day but still found the energy to carry on.........the money that went over the bar may even get a smile from the 'Legend'!!!

As for this guy that keeps getting mentioned.........a Graeme Sneddon........he made his big sister proud on Sunday and that doesn't happen very often!!  He put his own feelings aside, showed that there's more to him than people give him credit for and was chanting and cheering louder than anyone.........and his hobbling onto the pitch at the end gave me a laugh, so he's not all that bad!!!

PS....contrary to an accusation that has been levelled at me by an Accrington C.C player........I am wanting a home draw for the you may apologise to me at any time for the unwarranted attack on my good name!!!  ;-)

What a great day, the team, the background staff,  the fans were great, it only takes a few to start believing ,  we can make it happen, cricket is coming home  ,  just keep on believing 


This was a good win against the odds.  It's typical of the new Accrington that there was no giving up anywhere in sight.  Every game has key features.  For me, Paul Carroll's brief blitz on the very iffy pitch was invaluable when put in the context of the rest of our innings.  Obviously the two run-outs, one in each innings, were game-changing incidents.  Paul again, when he removed Jamal at a critical time and finally, DC, coolly picking up the last two wickets under great pressure.
Alick Ormerod

What a great day and what a very messy night !

It's fantastic to see such camaraderie amongst the lads, such a vibrant team spirit ! When we win that Cup there won't be a dry eye in the house; I can't wait ! As "Biggins" was proclaiming " Cricket is coming home !" Maybe we will finally see the whingers silenced....

I have to echo Dibendra's sentiments re Snedds, it takes a real man to do what he did, well done Graeme, it showed a maturity beyond your years.

It makes me very proud of all the team, esp my little bro, and I am thrilled that we are so close to one of my Dad's long cherished dreams,- bring it home lads, you owe it to Dibs and Moses !


First thoughts when we won on Sunday. Thank God for that, now Kenners and I can stop walking around this bloody ground !! We had resolved to keep walking until the last wicket went down and it seemed like many laps had been completed. During our many circumnavigations of Turf Moor I had thought to myself that if we won then I would let the players enjoy their moment and go quietly back to the dressing rooms to congratulate them on their return.

However when DC took the last wicket the reality was somewhat different, we could not have been further away from the pavilion as it transpired and far from returning sedately to the changing rooms we went as wild as everybody else and joined in the melee on the field. First port of call for me was of course Matt, who along with DC, Zeddy and many others have represented Accy through our time in the doldrums and never given less than 100% for the club, it is very special for these guys to get to the cup final.

Next it was Dibber, who marshalled the troops brilliantly and
believe me his words just prior to going out for the second half left
nobody in any doubt that he not only thought we could win, but that we WOULD win if we played to our best. I have nothing but admiration for the way the lads went about their task in the second half of the match, they never lost focus and remained "completely together" on the field and ultimately that was what got us over the line. Fantastic guys - you thoroughly deserved it in the end. From a personal point of view it is a pleasure to be involved with this group of players as they are all good cricketers, and, if they stay "together" when they are playing, they can achieve the kind of success that Accrington has not seen for a long time.

So enjoy the moment guys, but when Sunday comes around forget all about the cup finaland concentrate on returning from Rawtenstall with maximum point (at a pinch ten will do), I will be sat by a pool in Tenerife probably pretending that I am reading, looking at my watch and waiting for Rod's texts to update me. So come on guys - win this one for me. A huge thanks goes to all our supporters for the way you got behind the lads at Burnley, the noise level was incredible and I am sure that as the Burnley batsmen strode to the crease their confidence must have drained away as they encountered our "twelfth man".

Finally, can we win the cup ?? - Absolutely YES.

Will we win the cup ?? - If we continue to play as we have so far this
season then YES we will. But we have to remember that we did not winanything on Sunday - only the right to play to win the trophy on August 3rd for which I wish all the players the best of luck.

One last thought occurs to me following Sundays game and in respect of a couple of incidents. Is the shortest coaching manual in the world the Sri Lankan volume on "Running between the wickets" ?
Ian Wilson

First of all congratulations to everyone involved with the club to commemorate a remarkable win in the semi-finals. A lot of hard work has been put into the club over a number of years behind the scenes by Ian Wilson, Peter Barratt, Len Dewhurst, Damian Clarke. Congratulations to the team, Dibbers, Clarkey..........Come on the boys (and G Sneddon)


What a day! firstly let me congratulate all the players for showing great spirit, resolve and collective determination. To defend such a low score shows that we are a team who know how to really fight together. I would also like to thank Ian Wilson and David Kennedy for their brilliant work behind the scenes, the help and support they give the team is invaluable. My last big thank you goes out to our twelth man on the day; the Accrington barmy army whose support really spurred us all on and helped lift the whole team, thank you all.

We now put thoughts of the cup final out of our minds and focus on next weeks clash with Rawtenstall, bouyed by this weekends victories and our travelling support we go into our preparations with determination and optimism.My last thank yous' go out to my long suffering girlfriend Jo who i woke up last night at 2.30am after crashing into every item of furniture in the bedroom, sorry! Thanks Caz for trousering up for the bar tab, i think we made quite a hole in it, Lloydy was back quoffing the Lancaster bomber last night after blaming a "bad pint" had caused his pre match technicoloured yawns, it was mentioned that it might not have been a "bad pint" but ten good ones.

Thanks Sneds for making the very difficult decision yesterday not to play, it was the right choice and totally unselfish, you put the teams best interests before your own, a choice which I and the whole team really appreciate. Last but not least, thanks Dad for all your help and support, it means a lot.

My immediate thoughts with ACC usually revolve around £ S D thoughts .....not trophies
Secondary thoughts.... want a home draw for the Final ....again thinking £S D
Third thoughts..... pleased for all the long suffering Accy Fans, unpaid workers for the Club and for the Players to experience success
[relative -we ain't won anything yet!]
Final thought........which probably should be my main thought as groundsman
...if we have a home draw...which wicket am I to use?
...when to start it?
..and how to protect it for another month?
 must ensure that some of the extra revenue goes into the ground , especially for preparations for the final.
finally ....come down to earth.....wait for the draw......and take it from there...
     just enjoy the negative thoughts.........enjoy the moment!
a final thought...........decided to concentrate on an individual should we win the close finish,
                         ......decided to watch Lloydy
. ..tell you what!.......his joy........for a man who has already played and won many one-day finals at Lords for Lancashire ,
 and has represented his country against Australia in One-day internationals
                                ................could have not been more enthusiastic than the "old codger" showed.
Tremendous Day .......... 
                 ...........Say no More!! 

Please can I ask you to pass on my congratulations to everyone at the club on the Worsley Cup success.

Everyone involved at Accrington deserves to feel part of it. It is such a friendly club and they have all worked so hard and remained so cheerful during the dark times.

Congratulations to all at Accrington. The team seems to be
fighting every step of the way to get themselves out of tight spots this season, then keeping their nerve when it matters.

Best wishes

Brian Heywood

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