Accrington Cricket Club
Under 13s
Accrington v Church
Friday May 24th        
Accrington 245 Church 180
Sagawat Hussain 29 David Cronshaw 3-6
Waqas Ahmed 10 Phillip Green 2-6
Sagawat Hussain 2-3
Matthew Donnelly 1-15
Accrington beat Church by 65 runs

By Jonathan Duckett

A cold and windy evening, with the threat of rain, saw Church win the toss and elect Accrington to bat first. It was a damp wicket and outfield with a strong wind, runs would be slow and difficult.

The first pair of Matt Donnelly and James Ormerod batted out the first four overs, but found the conditions unsuitable for batting. There was not many runs, but they defended well and prevented any serious damage from the Church bowlers.

This was pretty much the same for the next two pairs, Mark Williams / Phillip Green and Waqas Ahmed / David Cronshaw.

When the final pair came into bat, the wind had died down. It was the due to a very fine performance by Sagawat Hussain, who hit approximately 30 runs, backed up by his partner Jonathan Duckett. This brought Accrington to a total of 254, at the end of the innings.

Church came out to bat, with the wind again blowing strongly. Accrington's bowlers and fielders gave a good display, getting a total of 10 wickets. They battled hard to achieve runs, but on the day, they were beaten by a better Accrington side. This is Jonathan Duckett's report. He believes that the man of the match should go to Sagawat Hussain.