Accrington Cricket Club

Working Party Meeting

Thursday February 26th 2004
Present: Alven Burrows, Richard Burrows, Keith Hindley, Jimmy Hayhurst, Zaed Hussain, Rod Kenyon, Marion Ormerod, Christine Sneddon, Nigel Stockley.
Ian Wilson, Phil Hodson

The main points to arise from the meeting were:

We have not sold anything like enough Dinner tickets.

We need to approach people at the Race Night on Saturday. Also the membership in general needs tapping into.

Raffle prizes are coming in.

Keith has sent out 50 copies of the Sponsorship letter but as yet no replies have been received.

Richard and Nigel are looking at the donation letter. List of Juniors needed from Julie.

Next meeting Thursday March 4th 2004 at 7.45pm.

The Club