Accrington Cricket Club

Hello from Mark and Dorrinda Stevenson Down Under

Mark and the team

Tuesday June 3rd
G'day everybody,

Everyone's fine at this end.

Temperatures down to 20c now for winter and getting some rain! Joshua had a good season at cricket. Both boys are now playing soccer.

Ric Burrows has just left us after what started off to be a 9 day stay turned into a 5 week stay, it was great to see him and we all thoroughly enjoyed his stay (his girlfriend managed to pop over from Melbourne too) She is a lovely girl! (Can't see what she sees in him really!!!!) JOKE.

Dave Whalley arrived back on Saturday and said he's spoke to Saf, no doubt we will see Saf, Louise and the boys around August time? (Dave brought back some Persil washing powder for Dorrinda and Yvette, sad isn't he?)

Nice to see Jimmy, Graeme and other young fellows doing well. Keep up the good work and aim for eight wins this year at least?

Good luck to the Pro and the club, all the best Mark, Dorrinda, J.J & Elliot

The Club