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The cricket trip to Old Trafford

Saf Ali
August 13th 2002

the Crew
The Crew

We departed at approximately 2:30pm with a full coach of Accrington fans. (50 in total). The journey was no problem, and the coach was exceedingly 'Swish', even had a teachers section downstairs !! (Well done to 'Crowey' and Jane for sorting the coach).

Anyway Jimmy 'Bhuna' Hayhurst decided he wanted to suss out how the coach basement tv worked. He was unsuccessful in his efforts, however he did manage to find some 'Special Stuff', which manage to make his fingers look a little awful !!

All arrived at 'Old Trafford' and found our seating with little problems, thanks to our assortment of tour guides. In no time Accrington took over the Ground, and we were soon singing good old 'Accy' songs etc... There was an assortment of activities for the kids, including a batting competition. We entered 12 competitors (Record for one club?).

The game was a little slow, but soon picked up with some good cricket played on a glorious day. Alcohol was consumed by most, some of the adults had a drink too !!

At half time the competition was drawn to see which eight kids would win the 'Hit the giant wickets' competition. Matty and Sags were drawn out. Unfortunately neither won (Fix) but Matty had a great pre-competition interview, which was as follows:-
Q. Hi, whats your name ?
M. Matt
Q. Do you like Cricket ?
M. Yeah
Q. Do you think you will do well Matt ?
M. Yeah Q.
Have you enjoyed yourself today Matt ?
M. Yeah

Matt the chatterbox !!

Second half, Lancashire came out and batted positively, but soon lost a couple wickets, which resulted in a reduction in the run rate.

Andre in the middle
Andre in the middle

Soon Accringtons Son, Graham Lloyd was out to the stumps. In no time he charged Shaun Udal and launched one into Accy's stand. Unbelievably club pro, Andre caught the ball and casually returned it, to a rapturous applause from the Accy clan. It was caught on camera too !!

The game went down to the wire, with Lancashire eventually winning with one ball to spare.

At the final whistle Cockney senior decided to run on the pitch to try and get a wicket, but failed miserably. Good try though.

All in all a great trip, Great weather and a great result. Special thanks to all those who helped with the organisation and controlling of the kids.

Finally, big thankyou to Lancashire Cricket Club for the free tickets.




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