Accrington Cricket Club

G'day all,

Paul Barratt

Sorry its took a while to get in touch but as you can imagine I've been "a little Bizzy".

Great to see that ACC are back on top of the pile up where we belong, I think I was probably playing in the mid 80's the last time we were up there which makes me feel almost as old as DC looks !!.

Anyway this is just a short note to say Good Luck for the 2004 season to all the players and officials involved with all the teams.

Best wishes to Tama and to all those fortunate enough to play alongside him this year, watch, listen, learn, play with pride and most of all enjoy. Also give your captain the support and backup he deserves, it's a dam hard job as some of you will hopefully find out in the future, so stick together and get behind him (not too close Jimmy !!)

As most of you will probably of heard from PJB, we are all doing fine over here and enjoying the lifestyle, most important of all the kids are really happy and have settled very well.

They are playing loads of different sports and have met lots of new friends, I've also managed to slot in a few games of golf.

All for now, I'll try to keep in touch throughout the year by visiting the ACC website (Top work Nigel keep it going !!), we would love to hear from anyone who fancies dropping us an e-mail

Cheers Bizzy






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