Accrington Cricket Club

Dear all in Accy,

My name is 'Olly Almond' an ex-pat Accringtonian ( an' proud on id ) now living in Weymouth Dorset. Though not a particularly brilliant exponent of the game I have had some good times down at ACC.

My late sister Christine and her Bloke, Melvin Holsworth used to help out quite a bit at the club in days past, if only with Thwaites barrelage. On a recent trip to Blackpool, visiting some of the outlaws, I took the hitherto unheard of step of purchasing three return train tickets FROM Blackpool TO Accringtonia and looking at the guards' expression, I'm sure it was a first.

The reason for this outrageous action was to take my kids to watch a game in a 'proper' league in a 'proper' county. My son James represents Weymouth, West Dorset district and Dorset county teams at under twelve level and is a pretty mean all rounder, my daughter Abby, knows just about every cricketer in the world worth mentioning being torn between marrying Freddie Flintoff or James Anderson ( Jonny Wilkinson in winter ).

The fixture was at home to the dastardly devil spawned Church, I'd forgotten just how enjoyable Lancashire league cricket was, for standard of play, unequalled standard of wit and not least of all Holland's meyt an tayta pies. James wanted a cap and your chairman did the honours also floggin' a rain jacket into the bargain (fine salesman you have there).

He also had a word with your pro Tamahau, who came to talk to James in the interval signing said cap and giving him another to wear. Tama came over as very nice guy with a great approach to up and comings, Please thank him again for us and wish him good luck in South Africa.

The next day we were at Old Trafford for the last day of the test match and though good to see the ultimate target in the 'REAL' HQ of cricket, with all the excitement thereof, it was no better a day than was had down by Highams playing fields in good old Accy.

My daughter who is an excellent mimic has extended her repertoire of the Lanky twang somewhat and my son is inseparable from his adopted clubs kit and his life's aim is now Lancashire and England. So thanks a lot for a great afternoon and verifying my boastings of the old country.

Good luck for the future and we hope to see you next season, you never know maybe we can get the lad a knock or turn his arm over.

Cheers for now,
Anthony John (Olly) Almond, ex 'Griffins Head' Huncoat Abby and James.

P.S. I read an article on your website by one Tony Cronshaw. I remember him well, I too went to Holy Family and was taught by Terry Neville (my sister Christine also want there and ended up teaching there). Small world.












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