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Welcome to the 2002 season
Accrington Cricket and Tennis Club President
Geoff Hayhurst

Geoff Hayhurst
Geoff Hayhurst

For the first time in many years Accrington Cricket Club have signed a South African Andre Seymore, as their professional for the season 2002, and ended a run of three New Zealanders playing for the Club

Having been associated with the Club for over 40 years as player, spectator and latterly as President leads me to reflect on some of the outstanding South African professional that have played on the Thornyholme ground for Accrington Cricket Club.

The club's supporter of years gone by would not allow me to first mention the great Charlie Llewellyn, a colourful South African who lead the club to a number of championships in the early part of the last century.

Apart for the tales of his cricketing exploits, my first memoirs of the name Llewellyn was a piece of cake. In the 60's the players teas always contained a piece of 'Llewellyn slab cake' which the players were convinced was purchased in a job lot in the 1920's after Llewellyn had left and contained shreds of his jock straps.

However as a player my first cricketing encounter with a South Africa professional was the arrival of the pugnacious Eddie Barlow in 1964. I remember his first net practice at the club when there must have been over a hundred people behind the net to watch him.

Eddie went on to score exactly 1000 runs for the club and take over 60 wickets.

This year we have a new first team captain in Damian Clarke. Lets hope that with the addition of Andre Seymore, Accrington can rise up the league table.

May I take this opportunity of wishing the players and supporters of the Accrington Cricket Club a very happy and successful season in 2002 and through this website allow me to greet the many supporters, friends and followers of Accrington Cricket Club across the world.

Geoff Hayhurst
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