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On tour with Richard Burrows

Follow our own Travellin' Man Ric Burrows on his world tour 2002

Hi everyone,

Well I'm just getting ready to leave Rhode Island after my stay and heading for Los Angeles.

Two weeks ago we went to new york for 3 days. We stayed in midtown Manhatten about 300 yards away from the Empire States Building. During our stay we packed plenty in and managed to see Broadway, Time Square, Wall Street, Central Park, John Lennon's memorial in Strawberry Fields, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We also visited the site of the Twin Towers to pay our respects.

New York is a brilliant place and I'd recommend it to anyone. After that we visited our cousins in Jamestown and I stayed with her daughter in Coventry. They live in the country (Blair Witch territory) and have a swimming pool and shooting range so I stayed for a few days trying out all their shot guns, clay pigeon shooting and cooling off in the pool.

After that we left and visited an Indian reserve owned by the Pequot Tribe. They own their own land in Connecticut and have a huge Indian Museum illustrating their past (and how bad us British treated them). It was a really good museum I think payed for by their 5 casinos on the site.

I had a few dollars in the slots but no luck I'm afraid. Since then we have just relaxed and I've prepared to move onto to the Orbit Hotel in Los Angeles. I'm there for 3 nights and then I'm off to Tvewa Island in Fiji.

Unfortunately on the way to Fiji I lose a full day as I cross the International Date Line so I'll not see Friday the 2nd of August at all! Anyway I'm doing a 5 day open water diving course which should be great and then I'll tour the Yasawa Islands for a few days before moving onto to Auckland New Zealand on the 16th.

Hope everyone is great back home.

See you Ric













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