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I got some rather negative feed back from a couple of players from other clubs about my blog, in response to that, I say if you don't like it don't read it! Ok then, the first thing that was brought to my attention this week was a drainage issue the PRO was having. It transpires that fluid drained from his body without his consent whilst in bed. But we won't give any more attention to this matter than is necessary.

Training was a little low on numbers as there was a bit of a shindig in the Toon for the Williams sisters. Mark & Rick's joint birthday (it does appear that the two above incidents are related). So yet again Caz was there bright and early ready for action, G Lloyd arrived armed with a tennis racket for catching drills, he also informed us that The Commander (David Lloyd) had fallen ill in Bangladesh .Bangladesh is up there with Morecambe, as a place to avoid I think, not somewhere that I plan on visiting. But it can't be long before we see a Bangladeshi Pro at a Lancashire League Club also I hear Bangladesh curry chefs are the best in the world so everyone's a winner!!!

Talking of Pros I picked out a few to look out for this season. Brendan Nash is the first that springs to mind he hit a fantastic hundred against us last year he's a Westralian you know! Could do well next year but lets hope the finical burden doesn't cripple East Lancashire .Aaron Heal played for Rishton previously and started well but got injured early on, but a full season would see him do well at The House. David Wiese played South African A team cricket and is no mug had a poor year at Darwen but will do well at Tod on their fantastic tracks, pace and bounce in his bowling and has an aggressive batting style and should do well.I hope the home grown pros do well obviously Will Driver he bats and bowls. But Phil Hays and Adam Bracewell are not known for their bowling and with injuries could leave their teams short of front line bowling.

Its a shame not to have an overseas pro but clubs cant afford it, people have said that they are disappointed in Accrington for not signing an overseas player. But the simple fact is small clubs can't afford it and the hassle that comes with them. Most of the time there not much better than the amateurs. Just think of it this way, why spend £15K on a player to win a prize of £1500.


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