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Date 13/3/2010

Sundays net session was a little bit of a damp squib, a few less bodies than last week. But no-one was more surprised than me to see Caz stride through the entrance of the sports hall, with his financial times under one arm and a cricket bag in the other “gob smacked” two nets in a season! Now that's commitment. A fine example for all young players. What a lot of people don't know about Caz is he swims a mile every morning and could probably buy a plush second home in the Caribbean if he didn't spend all his cash on physio to play cricket at the weekend. To say Caz is a character is an under statement, always the butt of his own jokes and fits in well with the lads, he takes the posh lad role in the team. Actually its more like posh dad! He's in his late forties you know, I'm sure he will be at The Cheltenham festival next week in his best tweed jacket and shocking hat with champagne, caviar and a flutter on the nags .

Just a word on the pre-season game at Morecambe away on the 10th April, its a trip for the purist, not a personal favourite but there are few sites to see so make a day of it. A must see is the statue of the comedy legend Eric Morecambe on the sea front also the giant polo tube and that's about it... Oh sorry! The M6 south bound is the highlight of any trip to Morecambe.

Team ACC were in the Gym again on Tuesday, spinning was on the menu and a few notable absentees, G Lloyd apparently absent due to a freak fence painting injury and DC reappeared and we got going. After about 20 seconds Si was flagging he was too tired, young lad like him, rumour has it he had to work all week, ahhh poor Si. Worst spinner by far! And DC was there. (Joke)

Now to other sport, And going to start with Liverpool. I have detected a little bit of tension between Big Sam and Raffa over the last week and it seams to be getting to Raffa and Liverpool. I think he's a shocking manager but seems to be doing a good job of taking them out of every competition he can. So yet another season without a trophy!! keep it up!! Talking of football a fantastic win for Accrington Amateurs with a spirited performance which reminded me of some ACC wins last year. Oh got to mention Rhino's first half wonder strike just pure class.. 2-1 winners and looking good.
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