Accrington Cricket Club

Big Jim's Big Blog

Date 7/3/2010

Hello everyone,

As most of you know me down at the club and the thought of me writing a blog may seem a bit, well.. controversial and dangerous. But I am under strict instructions to keep it clean and free from scandal, So here goes....

I thought I would name this blog as “Big Jim's Big Blog” as I have wintered so well I am a stone heavier however, how did this happen? you may ask, well my new pass time of eating my not have helped and I think the lack of exercise could also be a factor. So fitness training was required, so we (the players) have been down at the sports centre being put through our paces by Sarah our fitness coach every Tuesday. She definitely has her hands full. Numbers have been good Sarah seems to be separating the wheat from the chaff, Lenny (tired), G. Lloyd (calf), and Clarky ( bit of a wuss) have all been and gone but the numbers are still high so keep it up!!

Also I thought I would just help you familiarize you the reader with with some of the nick names the players use for each other just to help you with the names I use for the lads.

  1. D Ormerod = Dibber

  2. G Sneddon = Sneds

  3. S Crabtree = Crabby or Quagmire

  4. D Clark = Reg or Clarky

  5. J Hayhurst = Jungle or Big Jim

  6. G Lloyd = G Lloyd

  7. D Lloyd = The Commander

  8. S Hanson = tba

  9. J Ormerod = Ormy

  10. M Wilson = Albino Bob

  11. P Carroll = Caz

  12. Will Driver = Dill Wiver or Pro

  13. M Schofield = Stabbers

  14. L Dewhurst = Lennie, Prince of Mince, DJ Death or just Len

  15. A Greenwood = Sooty, Droopy

  16. I Johnson = Beast or Jono

So above are some of the names used by the lads for the lads.


It was the first net back on Sunday just gone, always a fun occasion we had a good turn out everyone was still in splendid touch.... we all made it look so easy NOT!!!! a few aches and pains around on Monday morning but the cobwebs have been dusted off, Caz had his nipples Greased and a bit of WD40 for Dibbers' knee, at one point Dill Wiver hit the ball so he must be the Pro for 2010 so things are looking good for next season. As we finished our session “aspro” Mark Aspin and the Church squad appeared. I see Craig Ferguson is back up at West End this time,bolstering the looks department and also the batting. Lets just hope there pro (Luke “boomerang” Woodcock) comes on time after a right royal cock up last year, we had the same fuss with Roy Silva but without the return to sender stamp on the passport

Until next time


The Club