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G-day all

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas

Got a little time off from Cricket which has been going well we are second in the League at the Christmas and New years 3 week Holiday.  After a few busy weeks I thought I best update you all on what I’ve been up too!  Well, we popped over Perth to see the ACCY Expats Saf and Marley Ali and Mark Stevenson and family; it was fantastic to see all the guys doing so well in the Freemantle sun shine. Mark doesn’t look a day older.

After a week in Freemantle and Perth I headed back to Melbourne with Jony. After a 3hr 15min flight we headed for Christmas Day dinner at Crabby and Sarah’s. Sarah cooked up a fantastic feed and we tried to have a Pomy Christmas in 25oC heat, crackers and all.

Boxing Day was the best present we could all wish for. A fantastic test match, Me and Crabby got to the third day as well and strangely my phone was a lot quieter than the previous weeks barrage, from my aussie friends at the club telling me “Mitchell Johnson had his mojo back and we would be f*@%ed”  How wrong they were! Well done England now go in for the kill, and don’t take your foot off the Gas.  We had a brief chat with Bumble before the 3 day it was good to see him. I will leave you with his blog for sky fantastic a must see,26596,16311_6622265,00.html#


Catch ya later  



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