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First of all I have to thank all at the club for the kind messages regarding the captaincy, I’ll do my best and “CHANGE” is going to the buzz word from me. I am looking to  get the best from the younger guys but it won’t be a picnic!!! I want guys to be fit and ready to go in 2011. Team work throughout the club, no bitching and some players needing to “man up” and work hard. If we do this we will be good side again next year. Oh yes the pitch will be covered before games!

New cover-  I have ask the club to replace the cover with a new more suitable one and I’ll try to do something with the players and the club to get another one.    Better pitch = better players = Success. So fingers crossed.

As for Australia. Well, long flight and a two hour drive brought me to a town called Traralgon in Victoria close to Melbourne. And Aussie rules pantomime was in full swing and at the end of that it was a draw and back we come next week for more of the same, they have called off our game on Saturday. That would never happen back home for the F.A. Cup... But within hours a familiar face appeared and a very familiar voice, switched on the telly and Ryan Campbell on the telly and Saf on the phone good to see Accy old boys doing well for themselves Down Under.


Catch ya later  



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