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G-day All

I’ve seen what club cricket should look like!  The league I’m playing in has a simple one day format 45 overs and 9 overs per bowler, free hits the lot, it makes for fantastic cricket more even games and good player development. We should try it!!!!! Oh and it makes the captain work harder too, its a cop out bowling a guy 25 from one end the skill in captaincy with the limit on overs is using your top bowlers wisely and tactically, we are half way there in the Lancashire league why have we stopped! Go all the way.

Over here all the teams wear coloured clothing and use white balls, times are changing, keep the interest. We can do it for 20/20 why not 50/50 people will say cost! Rubbish you can get coloured kit from any where nowadays.

I wish our league would look at it more seriously.

All is well out here the rain is winning so far this season with 3 washed out games but the weather will turn and we will get back down to it, we have just started a two day game another strange format but it's an experience. Good to see all is going well at home the club dinner raising much needed funds a big pat on the back to all who organized that one.

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