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Congratulations to Accy on another wonderful season of cricket,both players and the backroom staff deserve special praise in enhancing the standards of Accrington Cricket Club! In my 67 years membership I cannot remember 2 seasons to rival 2008/2009, and well done to all who took part!!

Derek Barnes


Well done the boys! What an unexpected and thrilling end to another great season.I sat with my dad (bumble) as he nervously awaited his turn to bat (getting swiftly dropped down the order by an equally nervous Dibber!) and he was  fascinated by the wonderful  mix of people & characters amongst his fellow team and around the ground - it's what makes Accy such a special club. Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved, you truly deserve the success you're having. See you all next season for more of the same!

Sarah Entwistle

A huge congratulations to all involved with ACC for the fantastic achievement of retaining the Lancashire League title in 2009. I have followed the progress week in week out from here in NZ by visiting the website (Nigel your work on this is legendary) and also got regular updates from PB. I’ve witnessed the ups and down and was so pleased see  ACC deservedly pip HCC at the post, they did it to us a couple of times in the late eighties so nice to get one back on them here, let’s hope there’s more to come. It’s great to hear the club is absolutely buzzing and a testament to all the hard work the players, coaches, managers, committee members, ground staff put in and great reward for the loyal support the club receives, well done to all involved.

I’ll be back in the UK in December 2009 and hope to catch up with you all then to enjoy a belated celebration beer or two.
Paul Barratt.

Congratulations to a good bunch of lads who play the game in the right spirit. No excessive appealing, no nasty competitiveness, no cheating, no big egos and no cliques. The resulting team spirit together with cricketing abilities have enabled A.C.C. to enjoy success they could have only dreamed of.

I hope Nigel recalls the last two seasons in print, to remind everyone of great memories and  that these titles really did happen! From the ground point of view thanks should also go to Peter, Arthur, Bert and Martin.
Ian Mac.


Please pass on my congratulations to the side; I have followed every twist and turn this season, as my mum sends out the Observer, a week behind!
Mark Croasdale, Isle of Man

Well done to all the lads. Sunday was a great day and all credit must go to you for never giving up.the belief you seem to have had this season that nothing was impossible saw you lift the league title for the second year running.Many of you have had your best season for Accrington  lets hope for more of the same next year. Thanks must also go to P.B. Ian Mc, Birty, Kim, Alec, Bert, Martin Young and anyone else i may have forgot to mention who have done their bit(lot) around the ground.thanks also to the ladies who have helped out in the tea room it has made it a lot easier all round for me.
WELL DONE LADS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!Played 26 won 17 most matches won takes the prize!

What a day! A big thankyou must first go out to all our loyal supporters, to come off the field on Sunday and see all those smiling faces was a wonderful feeling. I would also like to say  thankyou from all the team for the many kind messages we have received from around the League and beyond, congratulating us on our success. May I also thank Charlie Cottam and his Lowerhouse team who fought us so hard on Sunday then graciously applauded us off the field.

A lot has been said about Haslingden 'throwing' the League away, I feel this shows disrespect to  Nelson, Ramsbottom and Todmorden, all very fine sides, this is a tough League with proud clubs and players not willing to just roll over. We still had to win all our remaining fixtures and it is testament to the fighting qualities of this Accrington side that we managed to prevail. Haslingden will lick their wounds and comeback strong next season, it proved a great decision to sign Phil Hayes and more Lancs. League clubs, including ourselves, will follow their lead.

Finally to Kim, Christine, Ian Mac, Birty, Dad and all the other un-sung Accy heroes THANKS.
David Ormerod


Just wanted to say well done to every player who turned out for the First XI this season, you all played a part in the title staying with us and of course we get to keep the blue flag that I am particularly fond of!! 

You have proven the doubters wrong...........and whilst you will never silence the critics, you may be able to shut them up for just a little bit!!!

So again.........congratulations to the can ever accuse you of lacking the fight and determination to go with the talent that each and every one of you has!!!


(PS.........don't be thinking this niceness from me means that I've gone less grouchy!!  Or that there will be a happy hour!!!)

What a fantastic weekend culminating in the most tense and exciting cricket match it has been my pleasure to see.
My late father was fond of the phrase "the glorious uncertainty of cricket".  Has that phrase ever been more apt.
I must confess, along with many others, I thought the title had gone and would have been happy with the Holland Cup, but this team of ours were not about to throw the towel in.
I thought the thrills began the previous weekend when we defeated Bacup after looking as though we may lose but with Haslingden beaten at Nelson the battle for the title went to the final weekend.
After beating Church on Saturday and with Haslingden beaten again we went to Lowerhouse on Sunday for the decider.  Chasing 174 for victory from Haslingden started to filter through and it was very good news for Accy.  The tension was almost visible as we heard Haslingden had lost.  It must have got to the players but they gritted their teeth and battled on.  With nine needed and nerves in tatters Paul's straight six was the moment I thought we had done it and we had.
The scenes of celebration were, I thought, more joyous than last year when we clinched the title without actually playing.  I saw grown men in tears and have rarely been as happy in my life.  After so long without a title two come along and the champions flag will be flying at Thorneyholme Road next season.
So thank you David Ormerod for being a wonderful captain, brilliant bowler and all round good egg.  Thank you to a talented team who never gave up.  You coped superbly with the pressure and deservedly came out on top.
Very many congratulations to you all.  You deserve all the adulation for making so many people happy.
John Burnyeat
Welfare Officer
Accrington C C


Unfortunately missed out on last years great season. However timed my visit home to perfection this time round!! penultimate day of my trip from Australia, and I watch our boys win the league, how fortunate is that!

Well done to all at Accy, players, management, groundstaff, and all those involved in this great club.
Treble next season perhaps!!
Thankyou for finishing off my trip with such a happy lasting memory.

Accy always in my heart.
Saf Ali
C/O Perth
Western Australia

Congratulations on retaining the Championship. The consistency shown by your players over the past 2 seasons has been remarkable and is something we will aim to grasp and hopefully take into next year.
Here’s looking forward to 2010.
Mark Griffin
Cricket Chairman
Haslingden Cricket Club

Big thanks to all the fans an people who work hard, all your support was fantastic thank you again. 
Jimmy Hayhurst 

Congratulations on Accy winning the title.
Barney, Rammy

Please convey my many congratulations to the players and officials at Accrington Cricket Club on retaining the title.
Best Regards
Geoff Lord
Managing Director
Surridge Sports

The Club