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A frost bound Thorneyholme Road
A frost bound Thorneyholme Road on a freezing cold January morning
The following comments are observations by the groundsman at Accrington Cricket Club for consideration.

Some points have previously been mentioned but need re-emphasising for hopeful attention.

The cricket square needs verti-draining, (i.e. deep spiking), each autumn to alleviate the hundred hours rolling on the square during the summer.

Obviously A.C.C do not have the machinery to do this work.

 Additionally as junior football is played throughout the winter on two sides of the outfield and junior rugby on another side, the outfield should be verti-drained annually.

 The outfield is riddled with weeds and hopefully we can get the field weedkilled this summer.

It was last done over ten years ago by a professional 'weedkiller'  using a 4x4 with an extended power spraying unit.

The old Sisis auto-trac needs new slitter tines.

The existing ones have worn down and only penetrate about an inch instead of say four inches. Thirty two new blades are required.

The ground has good natural drainage, despite compaction thatch etc, however the Highams End by the boundary is often very wet.

This is probably due to the natural surface run off from  Highams Playingfield . However I feel that any catchment drain on this side needs checking, clearing or replacing.

The covering of wickets at A.C.C. is poor.

There are no roll-on covers , just sheeting of limited size and quality.

The last two wet summers has accentuated the need to improve the covering wickets. Postponements mean frustration, loss of interest etc.

Probably the most important issue that needs addressing is the two artificial wickets on the outfield.

A.C.C. excellently provide cricket practice every night of the week for seniors and juniors from under 9's, 11's, 13's, and 15's etc.

The last two summers being exceptionally wet has meant that the two artificial wickets have been the only suitable ones fit for use.

However,  they were inserted nearly twenty years ago and, despite the club recently re-patching them, they need attention and probably replacing.

I might add that  as A.C.C. have an extremely wide ground, an artificial practice wicket placed at the edge of the square on the Coppice side would still have a fair sized boundary on that side, to double up and provide a wicket for charity, junior and senior practice and schools matches.

As local schools no longer provide cricket facilities and rely on local teams, such as Accy, to accommodate schools/representative or fun games, an artifical wicket would provide an excellent alternative should the grass wickets be unfit.

I might add that the local authority have asked for help in staging a multi-teamed local competition next season.

An artificial surface  ensures such games or competitions can be played.

The two flix wickets that were inserted in the outfield, by the mast, a couple of years ago, have not received a favourable report despite them being weedkilled, fed, reseeded and rolled. This again emphasisis the importance of artificial surfaces to the club, should the grass practice wickets at either end of the square be too wet for use.

I understand that finances are restricted and improvements limited, but I feel that I must pointout the above listed points, with priority on extensive repair or better still, replacement of the artificial wickets.








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