Accrington Cricket Club


What an historic year for the club and Accrington cricket section winners of the Worsley Cup, 3rd August 08, and Lancashire League Champions just 5 weeks later.

The first time the club has done the double in its 162 years of existence, congratulations and well done to all involved it will be the talking point for many years to come, this achievement has brought about a well needed uplift to the club with people buzzing about our cricket team. How fortunes turn around, its amazing, so let us all just enjoy it in 2009 and try a repeat performance.

A special thanks goes out to the captain the manager and coach along with the whole of the cricket committee. David Lloyd and Graham for their special efforts in many areas. The professional Roy Silva, whilst not the world’s best player gave his all and his spirit and personality lifted the team.

Off the field of play there where many good points to celebrate not least the improved control of the finances by Steve Davies who has done a tremendous job. Subscriptions have increased by 20% thanks to Keith for a good job well done. Whilst we have only just about broken even we do know better,where the areas of spending has to be controlled more effectively.

Its still very clear that the major expense remains the cost of the professional which is still rising every year, the extras being the main area for concern, the housing, gas, electric and community charge all additions to the basic contract cost, and now there is a new system for overseas players entering into the country in lieu of the old work permit, this is known as the PBS. (Points Base System) this year,it will cost the club £450 to obtain this licence.

Moving on where would we be without the ladies of the club from which the majority of income is generated

The ladies committee with their very successful events,which have been staged and raised a huge amount this year, many thanks.

Linda’s lottery is a constant source of revenue again many thanks.

The Ladies of the Tearoom continue to do so well every year and this year produced the best figures ever well done and thank you all, new helpers would be very welcome.

The Social still being run by Ian and Kim did increase turnover this year but do have problems gauging stock levels when games are called off and of course the ever increasing cost for running the club bar.

Offers of assistance will be greatly appreciated, Ian Birtwistle has now moved to Great Harwood and finds it more difficult getting to the club, he has been running the bar now for some 30 years and cannot go on forever, please come forward if you would like to help out and get involved, in this area. Thanks to Steve & Joan Pye for the decorating job in the toilets.

Another area which needs some new energetic help is on and around the ground, Ian McCrae works hard preparing wickets and looking after the square along with the out field but the ground also needs other types of maintenance like the cutting of the surrounds and upgrading the paths around the perimeter, and a general handy mans jobs. Bert Ormerod does a fantastic job in keeping the ground tidy and painting everything that doesn’t move, but this again is more than a one man job. Every year we appeal for extra help in all areas, now is the time to come forward and help your club.

Junior football has gone well this year, with 3 under 10s teams using the ground and bringing in extra capital for the ground maintenance programme. The tea room is open on match days, Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Tea and Coffee along with Bacon butts make this most enjoyable on a cold day for the Mums and Dads.

Junior Rugby are using the club as their base, and hire a room within the large porta-cabin for kit storage, but we await payment from their latest invoice.

The Tennis section continues to battle on with approximately 30 members and have had some success in the Burnley Evening League with Matt Honey picking up 2 titles. Their finances do not change much with income building up their balance of £6000 which will be there when the courts need upgrading or repairing. Whatever the weather you can find them on Tuesday nights throughout the winter playing in all kinds of conditions.

Well Done Jim and David for keeping the club going and the books in good order, lets hope you increase your membership further and then support the social club more effectively and not become a break away group.

Its been a very busy 18 months for the Management Committee with the implementation of the new structure and finance and new legal requirements, for insurances and professional entrance into the Country. More effective budgeting needs to be implemented to ensure section do not over spend.Cricket pros, and the social club utility bills are the biggest areas of expenditure. But of course the main drain is the Brewery Loan, and these will be with us for many years, which now stands at £82,000.

The long term plan to sell off land around the Car Park and the Tennis Courts may someday clear the debt, but this is not likely to be in near future as there are many hurdles to jump before we can consider this to be an option. Thanks to Andrew W Darbyshire H3H Developments Ltd Land & Planning for his expert guidance.

Below are some of these hurdles.

a. The government control the number of house to be built

by the various areas throughout the Country.

b. The land adjacent to our land belongs to the Lancashire County Council.

c. Hyndburn Council have various interests about the amount of housing they need and which areas are most suitable.

d. There has been in the past problems with methane gas on the site

And now the credit crunch

We have confirmed details as to the ownership of the land and the Covenant imposed by them, and now are confident that this would not restrict us with any development which we may consider.

Lancashire County Council are investigating the methane gas problems but see no long term constriction on any future programme.

What is very clear is that we must look at this project in conjunction with the County Council, as all parties involved would only consider our project if the whole area is to be developed .

The good news you may have seen is that we have attained Club Mark this last few months it took a long time but we got there and now Grants maybe more accessible in the future. Well done John, but there is plenty yet to be done, but the whole club should benefit from this award.

Our thanks to Nigel Stockley for all the work on the Web Site, what an excellent site it is, and the hours spent in keeping it updated.

Please keep Nigel informed with what is to take place and you will find its on the web next day, a great job Nigel.

What a fantastic night we had with ‘Bumble’ 10th Oct 08

the whole room was full and everybody enjoyed a great night of humorous chat and wit, it was also very profitable making over £1750 on the night, not including the bar receipts.

And now a Celebration Dinner at the Accrington Town Hall, is being planned for the 17 th April 2009 where David Bumble Lloyd will entertain once more with a supporting top flight Comedian.

Sponsors for this event are required please speak with Rod Kenyon & David Kennedy. or any committee person.

Finally we are losing the Club Secretary David Barratt who has been our secretary since 1990, and done an excellent job and has been ever present at all meetings many thanks.



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