Accrington Cricket Club

Club Financial Survival Plan
Stage 1 Report 12th June 2007


Following the proposals and suggestion made at the E.G.M. on the 4th June 07 subsequent action has been taken.

  • Donations have been received and entered into the appropriate bank account, ie Cricket Section, and at this date amount to £3475.00 .

We thank all of you who have moved quickly to save the club, and appeal to all those who maybe still thinking of doing something we still need your support for the future. A list of all those who have made donations without stating the amounts, will be produced and displayed on the notice board.

  • There are three volunteers come forward to investigate and produce a Business plan along with a review of the structure of the various sections and committees. We also have a contact from L.C.C. Gerry Thomas who is prepared to help us quickly obtain ‘Club Mark’ which will assist us in obtaining grants.
  • At a meeting with Clr Peter Britcliffe and other members of Hyndburn Borough Council, which took place on the 8 th June 07 it was outlined to us some areas they maybe able to help, such as guidance with planning applications, and obtain building proposals advertising events and organising fund raising, and how and when applying for grants.

    We are advised to look at the possibility of area council grants for the replacement of changing room showers

    Clr Malcom Pritchard has pledged his support and offered his Services in running Disco’s free of charge and again his daughter will give guidance if we require help when applying for grants.
  • Contact has been made with Accrington Stanley about joint ventures such as the use of our Car Park and Bar facilities for visiting supporters, also the possibility of a joint Fun Day in September. Maybe the selling of tickets for their weekly draw and our club getting a negotiated amount. This will be formalised in the next 10 days.
  • An Officer from L.C.C.C. Development Group came last Thursday suggested another weekly draw system, which they operate and are keen to expand, they are to personalize a sheet to suit our club detail and are producing a footprint for us to consider. They also have good connections with our League Sponsors ‘Sponsorbank’ who are experts in finance and business plans, Gordon Chudd is to contact them arrange a visit.
  • David Lloyd agreed that the short term problem, could, and will be overcome, but proposes that we now look forward and concentrate on the future. He feels strongly about looking at winter sports being played on or off the ground, or in the Tennis area. He wishes to be part of the long term plan and is prepared to assist in fronting the press and media, for the club and refresh our image. He will assist in the selection of a professional and co-opt new players to the club, he also has a plan for a special event next summer, watch this space. He has already supported us with a generous donation, this along with another anonymous donation from a very very generous Accrington Business Gentleman will see the club through, and beyond the end of the season.
  • Russ Cuddihy raised the question of Club Mark and this has been addressed in item 2. A letter which was received and read out at the E.G.M. from Grahame Ashworth relating to three particular items namely
    a) Life Membership
    b) Corporate Membership
    c) Sale of Merchandise

These three points are to be discussed at the next cricket meeting scheduled for next month. There maybe other items that were raised but not yet addressed, these are not forgotten, and will be discussed as soon as possible.


The Club