Accrington Cricket Club

The Bonus Ball is back

From Saturday 7th November 2020 the club Bonus Ball game returned for both
Saturday and Wednesday's Lottery Draw.

£1 per draw.....winner gets £30 with £29 going to club funds

All numbers are now taken

Bonus Ball Rules

Bonus Ball Winners 2022 2021 2020

Saturday 1st January 42 Mark Taylor
Wednesday 5th January 14 Bernard Dawson
Saturday 8th January 27 Jan Wilson
Wednesday 12th January 32 Sean Jennings
Saturday 15th January 4 Mark Sumner
Wednesday 19th January 58 Lionel Cooke
Saturday 22nd January 28 Graeme Sneddon
Wednesday 26th January 2 Ros and David
Saturday 29th January 46 Rod Kenyon
Wednesday 2nd February 3 David Rogers
Saturday 5th February 48 Damian Clarke
Wednesday 9th February 29 Kim Sneddon
Saturday 12th February 49 Steve Davies
Wednesday 16th February 24 Nigel Stockley
Saturday 19th February 26 Kirsty Holroyd
Wednesday 23rd February 20 Jill & Albert
Saturday 26th February 20 Jill & Albert
Wednesday 2nd March 32 Sean Jennings
Saturday 5th March 48 Damian Clarke
Wednesday 9th March 45 Peter Westwell
Saturday 12th March 16 Ellie Davey
Wednesday 16th March 12 Ros and David
Saturday 19th March 7 Sam Bancroft
Wednesday 23rd March 50 Lisa Winterbottom
Saturday 26th March 40 Peter Westwell
Wednesday 30th March 29 Kim Sneddon
Saturday 2nd April 20 Jill & Albert
Wednesday 6th April 59 Jane Henson
Saturday 9th April 17 Stuart Crabtree
Wednesday 13th April 2 Ros and David
Saturday 16th April 44 Mrs Wilson
Wednesday 20th April 31 Carly Sneddon
Saturday 23rd April 15 Bert and Marian Ormerod
Wednesday 27th April 46 Rod Kenyon
Saturday 30th April 52 Matt Lawrenson
Wednesday 4th May 5 Lynne Jennings
Saturday 7th May 39 Lionel Cooke
Wednesday 11th May 26 Kirsty Holroyd
Saturday 14th May 35 Emily Ormerod
Wednesday 18th May 45 Peter Westwell
Saturday 21st May 8 Neil Cronshaw
Wednesday 25th May 51 Rick Williams
Saturday 28th May 20 Jill & Albert
Wednesday 1st June 18 Bev Kenyon
Saturday 4th June 24 Nigel Stockley
Wednesday 8th June 52 Matt Lawrenson
Saturday 11th June 1 Phil Hodson
Wednesday 15th June 36 Peter and Joan West
Saturday 18th June 21 Mrs Len Dewhurst
Wednesday 22nd June 38 Lisa Winterbottom
Saturday 25th June 6 Bugsy
Wednesday 29th June 39 Lionel Cooke
Saturday 2nd July 1 Phil Hodson
Wednesday 6th July 48 Damian Clarke
Saturday 9th July 45 Peter Westwell
Wednesday 13th July 10 Christine Sneddon
Saturday 16th July 23 Bryan McGrath
Wednesday 20th July 9 James Hayhurst
Saturday 23rd July 26 Kirsty Holroyd
Wednesday 27th July 54 Kath Davies
Saturday 30th July 12 Ros and David
Wednesday 3rd August 15 Bert and Marian Ormerod
Saturday 6th August 20 Jill & Albert
Wednesday 10th August 30 Ronnie & Elaine
Saturday 13th August 59 Jane Henson
Wednesday 17th August 33 Karen Stephenson
Saturday 20th August 38 Lisa Winterbottom
Wednesday 24th August 42 Mark Taylor
Saturday 27th August 19 Val Greenhalgh
Wednesday 31st August 8 Neil Cronshaw
Saturday 3rd September 6 Bugsy
Wednesday 7th September 48 Damian Clarke
Saturday 10th September 9 James Hayhurst
Wednesday 14th September 16 Ellie Davey
Saturday 17th September 15 Bert and Marian Ormerod
Wednesday 21st September 24 Nigel Stockley
Saturday 24th September 51 Rick Williams
Wednesday 28th September 9 James Hayhurst
Saturday 1st October 21 Mrs Len Dewhurst
Wednesday 5th October 38 Lisa Winterbottom
Saturday 8th October 51 Rick Williams
Wednesday 12th October 37 Tim Brodest
Saturday 15th October 39 Lionel Cooke
Wednesday 19th October 14 Bernard Dawson
Saturday 22nd October 34 Claire Worsick
Wednesday 26th October 40 Peter Westwell
Saturday 29th October 41 Jill & Albert
Wednesday 2nd November 54 Kath Davies
Saturday 5th November 34 Claire Worsick
Wednesday 9th November 8 Neil Cronshaw
Saturday 12th November 39 Kim Sneddon
Wednesday 16th November 58 Kim Sneddon
Saturday 19th November 59 Jane Henson
Wednesday 23rd November 37 Tim Brodest
Saturday 26th November 11 Lauren Hutchinson
Wednesday 30th November 11 Lauren Hutchinson
Saturday 3rd December 23 Bryan McGrath
Wednesday 7th December 55 Keith Haworth
Saturday 10th December 54 Kath Davies
Wednesday 14th December 6 Bugsy
Saturday 17th December 32 Sean Jennings
Wednesday 21st December 31 Carly Sneddon
Saturday 24th December 19 Val Greenhalgh
Wednesday 28th December 30 Ronnie & Elaine
Saturday 31st December 19 Val Greenhalgh














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